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Chris Dyer is a lead playtester for Warlord, has been UK Champion in both Open and Campaign formats at the same time; he placed 2nd overall at his first KoHIT (2004) and highly in the second KoHIT (2005).

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Let's get the ball rolling

So yeah, I'm Chris Dyer. Mat has already explained a bit about me above (though he got some things wrong, never mind) so I won't bother doing that. Instead, I'll answer what might be a more relevent question...

Why bother doing this?

Well first off, I love Warlord. Seriously. I love the game, the people who play it and the places I get to travel to. I think it's a great game, both due to it's inherent simplicity and the surprising amount of depth that you can find. And that leads me on to my second point.

I have more fun playing against better players because it's more of a challenge. Moreover, playing against better players makes me a better player in return. Because I'm a better player I enjoy the game more, and the other players in my playgroup enjoy it more because they're better players, and deep down everyone would rather win than lose. People enjoying the game more means that my playgroup is healthier.

So, if I can make you lot better players as well, then your playgroups will be healthier too, and so the worldwide presence of the game will increase, which is surely a good thing.

To that end I'm going to post a mixture of strategy articles, deck ideas and tournament results adn reports. All and any comments are welcome - I'm more than happy to talk about anything Warlord related to anyone who wants to.

Anyway, enough of that. Pretty soon I'll get the first article up, which is going to be looking at the first turn and how well your deck uses it.


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