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Chris Dyer is a lead playtester for Warlord, has been UK Champion in both Open and Campaign formats at the same time; he placed 2nd overall at his first KoHIT (2004) and highly in the second KoHIT (2005).

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rose tinted nostalgia

You'll forgive me (I hope) if I get a little sentimental during this post

So, Epic is on the horizon, and before too long we'll be waving goodbye to Campaign edition. I feel kind of sad about this. See, I started playing the game with the release of Siege, and by that time there were already a lot of cards in the pool, well known strategies and a very strongly established environment. Then Campaign rolled around and everything was new. All of a sudden everything was so basic. I can remember one of Laurence's first Campaign legal decks, Lord Kestrel. The card choice was so limited then that the deck started a Bishop Koenrad. One of the focuses of the deck was to boost the starting copy of Storm Crows with Kestrel's ability, before sending them forward to attack with either Ring of Vorn or Teleport. Back then, that was a viable and quite effective tactic. Nowadays it'd be swallowed whole by the relentlessy fast and brutal decks that have come to dominate Campaign.

I find that a little bit sad. But then, it's the nature of the game that decks will get better. In fact, looking back, I'm quite thankful that Campaign has turned out so well. No Warlord has ever had a stranglehold on the environment for any significant amount of time, all the factions have had a chance to shine and a number of different decktypes have risen to prominence before fading back to obscurity. The environment has managed to stay fresh and interesting over the course of the arc, and that's something to be thankful for.

So it's with heavy heart that I'll say goodye to Campaign. But I won't let it go quietly. From now until the start of Epic I'm going to write a sporadic series of posts rather pompously called:

The Cards That Defined Campaign

In which I'll look at favourite or reviled cards over the course of the arc that really changed the course of the game and the environment. If you've got any thoughts of what you'd like to see included then let me know and I might well listen to you.

Anyway, taking the rose tinted goggles off now, the next article will be about Bluffing.

Until then, good gaming!


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