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Chris Dyer is a lead playtester for Warlord, has been UK Champion in both Open and Campaign formats at the same time; he placed 2nd overall at his first KoHIT (2004) and highly in the second KoHIT (2005).

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Top 5 Influential Cards from EOTS: #4

So, on to card number 4. While this card is very strong and will fill out a number of decks, that's not why I've picked it. I haven't picked it because of the (possibly quite considerable) impact that it wall have on Campaign, and I definately haven't chosen it for the negligible impact it will have on Open. I think this card is influential purely on it's implications for Epic Edition. So, without further ado, let's talk about....

Roc Fletchings

It's definately a strong card, right? +2to ranged strikes, and then another +3 after the dice roll? Sign me up. Now, the reason I think this card is important is because it ensures an archetype in Epic. That archetype is, of course, Sniper. Now I'm pleased with this, because I've been messing around with Jacqueline Windson sniping with a Great Crossbow for ages now, and it's long been one of my favourite decks. The basic premise is to build up one big kill shot, whether it be via melee, ranged strike or spell, that kills the opposing Warlord, often leaving most of his army in one piece. Now, this isn't a very prevalent deck style in CE, simply because threre are so many counter cards and strategies available. But come Epic, some of those cards will inevitably cycle out. Now, I can't guarantee what will stay and what will go, but it's inevitable that ther'll be less options open to protect yourself with.

Wheras the sniper archetype now has both Roc Fletchings and Farglass guaranteed as going through to Epic. Those two cards are a really strong base for any sniping deck, and it could prove to be a very powerful tactic round about the start of the reset.

Cards 1 - 3 still to come. Anyone care to wager what they are?


At Wednesday, May 24, 2006 9:29:00 pm, Anonymous Rod (puzzlehunter said...

Let's see If I were a betting man I'd choose

Volda's Mantle
Fulfill Destiny
Cast Asunder

Though there are several other definitely worth consideration
Lady of Doom, Invoke doom,Betray Fate, Steal Fate, Cardinal Durand,Drea Nexus,Shadow, Light, probably some elves I haven't yet looked at and Divine Will


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