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Chris Dyer is a lead playtester for Warlord, has been UK Champion in both Open and Campaign formats at the same time; he placed 2nd overall at his first KoHIT (2004) and highly in the second KoHIT (2005).

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Top 5 Influential Cards from EOTS: #5

So, I had this great entry all worked out in my head, then Pete stole it. That's okay, I'm not bitter. I'll just write something else.

Whenever a new set comes out the environment is bound to change a bit. For a start, there's six new warlords and 150 new cards to play with. Some of those cards will make older warlords better, some will make them worse. So, I figured I'd take a look at the five cards from Eye of the Storm which I think will shake things up most. Now, I'm not looking for the best card, although a lot of the ones I pick will probably be considered strong anyway. I'm looking for which cards are going to change CE the most, which will have the most impact on the coming EE, and I might even cast a quick look over Open, but don't count on it.

So, my number 5 card is.....

Glenn the Blaze

Remember, not so long ago, when the Free Kingdoms were considered among the weakest factions? By Dragon's Fury they had a decent spread of fairly competitive Warlords. Eye of the Storm, and especially Glenn here, may give them another leg up to leave them as the best overall faction going in to Epic. Why's he so good?

First of all, let's consider him purely on his abilities. Wizards are always the best class for a level 2 character, because they can cast spells from the safety of rank 2, including the excellent Fiery Bolts, and hold the ever popular Ring of Vorn. Add to that his ability to peform two ranged strikes, at react speed, and you've got a really decent starting character.

But it's how he fits in to his faction as a whole that gets him in to my top 5. First of all, in combination with Spencer Latham (who so very almost made it on to the list as well) the boys in gold can now field a massive number of strikes in their starting army, making it one of the fastest starts going. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, Glenn fits the role of a level 2 wizard that so many Free Kingdoms Warlords have been craving up until now, a role previously occupied only by the mediocre Darso the Mad.

Jin Valford now has a level 2 wizard that he can start as one half of his Markapal Hag readying tricks, but who is still decent if the Hag doesn't show up. Captain Dukat also fully appreciates Glenn's talents, where the renegade is capable of throwing out considerable numbers of high value ranged strikes every turn.

Simply put, Glenn the Blaze ably fills a hole that the Free Kingdoms have had for some time, and his arrival will help his faction all through the rest of Campaign and long in to Epic.

Tune in next time for card number 4!

(I really need some kind of jingle for this, and probably a drum roll too. Disadvantages of a blog, I suppose.)


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